Life Lately

Hello there.  Did you miss me?  Probably not – since I hardly update here anymore.  But I do still want to blog about things.

First – September is Gynecological Cancer Awareness month.  Pay attention to yourself.  If something isn’t right, say something to your doctor. Don’t attribute heavy bleeding, or irregular periods to aging.  Talk to your doctor.

So, we have been really busy lately.  We are taking a big step, and are now pre-approved for a mortgage.  We thought our down payment was taken care of using my husband’s retirement plan, but they won’t let him take a withdraw for the purchase of a house, so we have resorted to plan B – scrimping and saving and putting every available penny away.  We have looked at some houses, but nothing has really said, “Hi, you’re home.”  Good thing, since we may not have all the down payment funds until closer to Thanksgiving.

A dear friend of mine has recently gotten a rectal cancer diagnosis.  She is very young, and they caught it very early, but things have been a whirlwind for her, and while she gets a lot of information from her doctors, she doesn’t really have anyone to put it in laymen’s terms, so she’s been talking to me.  I love that she’s reached out to me, and I’m so glad they caught her cancer early.  She has an uphill battle over the next few months, but hopefully when it is done, it is done.

Unfortunately, with everything that’s been going on lately – house buying and cancer talk only being part of that – my anxiety has reared it’s ugly head.  I have an appointment next week to talk to my primary care.  I am not sleeping well, and I’m eating way too much of the wrong things.  Sigh.  Never ending cycle.  I never dealt with Anxiety before my cancer diagnosis.  Sucks big balls.

On a happy note, NFL is back on!!  And what a great game my Eagles played yesterday!  Fall is just around the corner.  So is my birthday.  Yay!


4 Years

4 years ago today my life changes forever.  Hysterectomy and a Stage 3 Cancef Diagnosis.

4 years ago today I learned what my true grit was made of (and yes, I totally went the John Wayne route).  I pushed deep down and learned that when you fight like a girl, you kick ass and take names.

4 years no evidence of disease.

And counting.

This Time of the Year

I’m coming up on my diagno-aversary.  Is there such a word?  If not, I’m claiming it.  A week from today will be 4 years since my office diagnosis.  And even though I have had appointments, blood work, and recent surgery which show me as NED (No Evidence of Disease), I still get the heebie jeebies.  I don’t think that will ever go away.  Ever.

On the hernia recovery front, each week has gotten a little bit easier.  My tummy and abs are still very tender.  The area where the mesh was put in will be sore for a while.  My surgeon is kind of awesome – he doesn’t sugar coat things.  I asked him how long that would hurt, and he basically told me, “Until it doesn’t hurt anymore.”  LOL

I’ve been back at work for a week now.  And, as usual, when I have had to file a claim for Short Term Disability with Metlife, I’ve been screwed out of a week’s pay.  My case manager is horrible and she doesn’t return calls or communicate at all.  She asked me to call her on the 1st (the day I saw my surgeon) and give her an update on my status.  I did, as well as faxing a copy of the letter I got stating I could return to work on 8/8.  I also had my surgeon’s office send over the office notes and other supporting information.  I confirmed all of this stuff had been received on 8/3.  This past Saturday, after I called and left several messages asking the status of my case, she FINALLY left me a message (with no call back number) telling me I had 1) not called her on the 1st (bull – I had the name of the person I spoke with because she was not answering her phone); 2) had not provided the requested information (again, had confirmation all faxes had been received on 8/3); and 3) hernia repair surgery only requires a 2 week recovery time.  Yeah – I guess if that is the only thing you are dealing with.  I sent her another SCATHING email this morning, with everything she requested.  I had my doctor’s office fax over the stuff again.  I also laid out for her each time I had called, who I spoke with, and what was faxed.  I also informed her that perhaps if HER paycheck had been $1,000 short, she’d think differently about her nasty voicemail.

Sigh – I guess I’ll continue to fight for what is mine.  Always.

In other news, I am feeling better.  Work is work, and life goes on.


Surgery Update

I am feeling so much better.  Drain came out a week ago, and staples yesterday.   I have some swelling where the hernia was.  My abs are still very sore, but I am sleeping much better.  Still can’t sleep on my left side.  Banned from lifting more than 5 pounds until October.  No excersizing (except walking) until then too.
But the hernia is history so yay!

Adventures in Recovery

Yesterday, I developed a yeast infection everywhere the binder touched my skin.  I called the surgeon and he moved my next appt up two days.  He also told me to remove the binder.

Pain is what it is.  Staying in top of my meds really works well.

J drain is draining appropriately.  It is annoying and in the way but I have had worse things.

My right shoulder is killing me.  It is from the anesthesia.  

I have been sleeping a lot which is good.  Meds have helped.

I have some swelling since the binder was abandoned, but I am icing so it helps.

Mom made me iced coffee yesterday.  Such a treat!


I was in and out yesterday.  Surgery was successful.  But I can definitely say I will never do anything like this as out patient again. 

I am in a lot of pain.  The hernia was pretty large, so they sent me home with a binder and a drain.  I go back in a week to have the drain removed and then another week before the staples come out.

I am staying on top of my pain meds, and slept fairly well last night.

One hour at a time.  So thankful for my husband.


So, because of the chance that I already have some intestines caught in my hernia, I have spent today on clear fluids, and am lucky enough to do a bowel prep today.  Fun times.

I cannot tell you how much I hate Gatorade.

My nerves are all skeevy.  I hate surgery.  Just want it over with now.