Pity Party, Table For One Please

I generally try not to get down on myself.  I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and do unto others.  I try to support people I love – family and friends, even those I’ve never met in person but only know on the Interwebz.  I don’t ask or expect much in return – a thank you, a smile, and then when I need it, a little returned support.

I have noticed anymore that people are just downright rude.  No one says “Thank You” anymore – I mean, I know people probably don’t write “Thank You Notes” anymore (I always do), but at least acknowledge people’s efforts.  I have also noticed that people think it is ok to say, “No offense” before any statement and it won’t hurt the other person’s feelings.

What’s worse, when I need support, no one is there for me.

Usually, I’m pretty stoic about stuff like that.

But I am feeling a little needy here lately – huge amounts of stress with work, a new business, and school starting in about a month – well, my nerves are a bit frayed, and I need someone to just tell me things will be ok.  Stroke my hair and tell me I’m pretty.  Give me a piece of chocolate.  A glass of wine.  A “Hey, you look cute.”  Anything.

I have my launch party scheduled for next month.  I sent invitations to that launch party a month in advance.  My sister can’t come – she has to work, and that gives her a pass.  My bestie more than likely has to work that day too – but booked a party for herself.  My nieces can’t come – they have other parties/etc.  Another “friend” told me today if I were selling Pampered Chef she’d come because she likes that stuff.

Seriously – you can’t just come and give me some support?  Have a glass of wine?  Pretend to be excited for me?

I would do it for them.

I realize direct sales stuff isn’t for everyone.  I’m ok with that.  I can’t tell you how many parties I’ve gone to, how many things I’ve ordered that I didn’t need, all because a friend was doing it and I wanted to show them I was supporting them.

It makes me sad.

It also makes me want to reconsider what I do for other people.

I guess I expect too much out of humanity.

Bah.  Bugger.  Whatever.

I’ll remember this next time.  It doesn’t mean I won’t do what I normally do, but I will remember where to go when I do need someone to help me out.


Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

I’m still in a quest to find my new normal.  As part of that, and in the spirit of having a lot more visibility at work, in the past year, I’ve taken more time with my appearance – I’ve started to get my hair done again on a regular basis, started doing my make up every day, paying attention to how I look.  I want to put my best face forward, so to speak.

As a result of that, last fall, I was invited to a Jamberry party on Facebook.  I was curious, and I poked around the website, and liked what I saw, so I ordered some.

And I fell in love.

What is Jamberry you ask?

Jamberry is a new, fun way to do your nails. In a nut shell, Jamberry is a company that sells wraps made of vinyl & when heated, they stick to your nails. There are NO HARSH chemicals in Jamberry products. There are over 300 designs, so you could give yourself a muss free Pinterest Quality Manicure in the privacy of your own home!  And they are economical!  1 sheet of wraps gives you 2 manicures, 2 pedicures, and 4 wraps to use as accent nails.  For $15!  They are so easy to use, and stay on for weeks!

My cousin’s wife had another party right around Thanksgiving, and I ordered more.   I loved them.  I pick at nail polish like crazy.  I hate waiting for it to dry.  HATE IT.  So these wraps were perfect.  And they are so cute!

Fast forward to last month, when my consultant asked me to host a party.  For free product?  Heck yeah!  I invited all my girlfriends on Facebook, and was expecting a few orders.  The new Spring wraps were gorgeous.  I mean, just look at how cute these are!


To my surprise, I did as much selling of these wraps (which to me sell themselves) as my consultant did.  She sent me a text half way through the party and told me I should consider selling them.  My party netted over $500 in sales!  I got tons of fee stuff.

And I took the plunge.

I’m not an official Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant.

Ladies who follow – these wraps are great – seriously.  Just go to my website and take a look around.


There is no special equipment required – you can apply using a regular, household items!  And, we always have a buy 3 get one free special going on!  Quite a bargain!

So, come on!  Check it out!!