Shout Out to the Girls At Northbay Orthopaedics

In reference to my last post, the staff at my surgeon’s office spent all day today working with the maker of the graft and the insurance company (CRAP insurance company) and she just called me back. She got everything taken care of and surgery is on for Wednesday.

I’m seriously sending them flowers.



I’m surprised at customer service nowadays considering the access people have to the interwebs and social media.

I am lambasting Anthem BlueCross BlueShield. My surgeon’s office has been trying to get approval for my surgery since 2/10. I get a call today that they have not yet received it (Anthem will not call them back and will not tell me why it has not been approved over the phone) and more than likely, since we are down to the wire, there is no way to order my graft in time for surgery on Wednesday. This means I may have to reschedule for next week, which means I have to reschedule absolutely everything – surgery, work, time off, meetings I had scheduled for follow-ups. EVERYTHING. They were supposed to call my doctor’s office back last Friday but failed to do so. As of 11am EST they had still not contacted them back.

I have had nothing but ISSUES with Anthem Blue Cross since they took over my Empire Blue Cross account in January. Issues with getting MRIs scheduled, issues with this surgery…nothing but issues.

I’m beside myself, and am still waiting to hear back from the doctor’s office. I’m in pain, and I’m really upset about this whole thing.

Plus, if they have to reschedule too far out, I have to go through all the pre-op testing AGAIN.

Fingers crossed this will get ironed out today. FINGERS CROSSED.