Blowing the Dust Off

It has been a while.

But honestly, I haven’t had much at all cancerwise to blog about.  And I am totally good with that.

In August I hit my 5 year NED Mark.  In April, provided all goes well, I will hit my 5 year remission mark.  And in terms of my cancer, it means I am “cured.”  Knock wood.

I have been struggling quite a bit with my Graves Disease.   My thyroid actually grew back.  Worst super power ever.  That means I had another radioactive ablation in July.  I am back on Synthroid now and my thyroid levels are normal, but the doctor is keeping a close eye on me.

I am still having menopausal symptoms.  They believe it is likely in relation to the thyroid.  Whatever.  I still hate and loathe hot flashes, and am totally over them by now.

I am not blogging much at all.  Life is meant for living.  You can find me on Instagram as @perfectlybea.

Love to you all.


I’m a Prepper

No, not an apocalypse prepper, but I am prepping.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for my annual colonoscopy and bi-annual balloon endoscopy  (where they look at the part of my stomach sectioned off after Roux-En Y Gastric Bypass).

I have been on fluids for two days and I am officially Hangry.  I just want to chew something.  Ugh.

But, it is an annual reminder of my 80% increased chance of colon cancer thanks to Lynch Syndrome.  I guess for three days a year I can afford to be hangry.


Better than another cancer diagnosis.



We got our final closing figure today and our clear to close!  We go to settlement on Wednesday at 10am (final walk through is one hour before).  We are going to be homeowners again!  YAY!

Life Lately

Life has been crazy lately – which is why this little blog has been a bit neglected.

I had my 6 month check up with my medical oncologist a couple of weeks ago and everything looked good.  Getting closer and closer to my five year mark.

Work has been CRAZY busy.  We are in the middle of a HUGE regulatory project and I’ve been working crazy hours.  I’m tired.  Not going to lie.  Just tired.

I saw my new endocrinologist in September, and as a result of that appointment, I was referred to the weight management clinic to get on track with an eating plan that works with my thyroid and metabolism.  I have been seeing her for six weeks now and things are going well.  I’m feeling better, and that’s what’s important.  No more crazy diets, but eating sensible foods that will help keep me healthy and keep fighting off more cancer yuckies and keep my synthetic thyroid happy.

And the big news is that we actually do go to settlement in two weeks.  Two. Weeks.  We are in the midst of packing, and my husband is going to go hunting five days before settlement.  URGH.  We are ready!  But damn buying a house is expensive.  We had to buy new furniture because we got rid of almost everything we had when we were in MD.  Since we had to order a new bed, we went ahead and bought a king sized bed.  Which also means we need all new bedding.  Plus, we had to buy a washer and dryer because the house has hook ups but no actual appliances.  Our new house has an electric stove, which isn’t my favorite.  I’ll save up next year to buy a gas one.  And we have to paint the powder room at the new house, because the current owner painted it electric orange.  No.  Just no.  No offense to anyone who has an electric bathroom, but it just isn’t me.  LOL  We are totally thrilled to have three bedrooms, and both of us will have an office (so yay).  We still need to do a ton of work to the house – we have to put up a fence, and eventually it will need a new roof.  I’m tired and stressed from work and packing, but I’m excited to be moving soon.

So, that’s all there is for now.  Probably won’t get a chance to blog again until after the move, and hopefully that will come with a few pics of the new house.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US!

Under Contract

We are officially under contract for a house!  I mean, there is still a ton of stuff that needs to get done between now and the actual proposed settlement, but we are under contract.  Bob has an appointment to talk to the mortgage lady today.  We need to get the inspections set up and get an attorney for closing.

But, we are at least under contract.

It wasn’t our first choice, but it was the first house we looked at.  It was also the first house that Bob was happy with.  It needs work, but despite the work that needs to be done, it is for the most part turn key.

We are supposed to go to settlement on the 30th of November.  Yikes.  Seems like forever.

Wish us luck!


So, I saw my new endocrinologist last week.  And she changed up a lot of my meds.  She added Trulicity to help steady my blood sugars.  My HGBA1C has never been out of line since my gastric bypass surgery, but, my blood sugars have been all over the place since chemo.  Quite possible the chemo and radiation affected my poor pancreas.  So, adding the Trulicity (once a week shot) has helped steady my blood sugars, but oy vey the side effects.  Yuck.  This week was a rough one.  Nausea.  Thankfully I still have zofran left over.

She also switched me back to the generic form of Crestor.  They had me on a statin since my heart attack, even though my numbers are stellar.  The statin has been shown to prevent further heart attacks in the long run, so I elected to stay on it.  At some point last year, my insurance would no longer pay for Crestor, so they switched me back to Lipitor, but it was a stronger dose and gave me horrible leg cramps.  Now that they have a generic for Crestor, they switched me back.  Much lower dose, and bye bye leg cramps.

My new endo also recognized that because I have had both Gastric Bypass AND cancer treatments, my anemia just is.  She didn’t scare me to have me believe I’m bleeding from somewhere.  She’s going to monitor my B12 levels.  The new meds plus the change in iron brand have caused some other issues, but I’m working through them.

She’s got me an appointment to see a nutritionist in two weeks.  I told her that my old endo would yell at me for eating the wrong things (um, everything I seemed to eat was wrong) but would never tell me the right things to eat.  New endo thinks I need to stay keto (yay) but wants me to see the nutritionist to make sure that I’m getting everything I need thanks to the bypass and the Trulicity (it keeps things in your stomach longer, so you feel full really fast).  New endo is also doing a full RNY Blood work up in January.

I also went to see my primary care because oh my god the anxiety has reared its ugly head big time.  He put me back on buspar.  We are house hunting, and it’s just…ugh.  The ups and downs are killing me.  We put in an offer this weekend on a house (we were the first showing, by the way) and in the time it took us to actually write up the offer, another one came in.  Both offers were competitive, but she took the other one over ours and didn’t want us to counter.  Boo.  I loved that house.

So, that’s where things are right now.  I’m all Stressy McStresserson.  I hate it.