Blowing the Dust Off

It has been a while.

But honestly, I haven’t had much at all cancerwise to blog about.  And I am totally good with that.

In August I hit my 5 year NED Mark.  In April, provided all goes well, I will hit my 5 year remission mark.  And in terms of my cancer, it means I am “cured.”  Knock wood.

I have been struggling quite a bit with my Graves Disease.   My thyroid actually grew back.  Worst super power ever.  That means I had another radioactive ablation in July.  I am back on Synthroid now and my thyroid levels are normal, but the doctor is keeping a close eye on me.

I am still having menopausal symptoms.  They believe it is likely in relation to the thyroid.  Whatever.  I still hate and loathe hot flashes, and am totally over them by now.

I am not blogging much at all.  Life is meant for living.  You can find me on Instagram as @perfectlybea.

Love to you all.


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