Adventures in Recovery

Yesterday, I developed a yeast infection everywhere the binder touched my skin.  I called the surgeon and he moved my next appt up two days.  He also told me to remove the binder.

Pain is what it is.  Staying in top of my meds really works well.

J drain is draining appropriately.  It is annoying and in the way but I have had worse things.

My right shoulder is killing me.  It is from the anesthesia.  

I have been sleeping a lot which is good.  Meds have helped.

I have some swelling since the binder was abandoned, but I am icing so it helps.

Mom made me iced coffee yesterday.  Such a treat!



I was in and out yesterday.  Surgery was successful.  But I can definitely say I will never do anything like this as out patient again. 

I am in a lot of pain.  The hernia was pretty large, so they sent me home with a binder and a drain.  I go back in a week to have the drain removed and then another week before the staples come out.

I am staying on top of my pain meds, and slept fairly well last night.

One hour at a time.  So thankful for my husband.


So, because of the chance that I already have some intestines caught in my hernia, I have spent today on clear fluids, and am lucky enough to do a bowel prep today.  Fun times.

I cannot tell you how much I hate Gatorade.

My nerves are all skeevy.  I hate surgery.  Just want it over with now.

Surgery Date

Bad on me, I didn’t update.  I saw the surgeon, and he says I definitely have to have the hernia repaired.  My date is 7/19.  I am running around getting all my preop done.

Looking forward to a year where I don’t have to have surgery.