Hernia Update

So, I finally got an appointment with the general surgeon that my oncologist recommended.  I see him on Wednesday to get the ball rolling to fix my hernia.  I am going to ask that the surgery be done open as opposed to laproscopic because of my cancer history as well as my surgical history.  My oncologist feels there could be adhesion and radiation damage.

In other news, there is no other news.  I have 4 more days until vacation.  It is so needed.


#MoreLoveLessHate #IChooseLove


It is not a Muslim thing.

It is not a Gay thing.

It is not a religious thing.

It is a HATE thing.  One person did this out of Hate.

I will not discuss Gun Rights.  I will not discuss religious freedom.

I urge everyone to stop getting so wrapped up in politics, and immigration, and hate (I remind you that this murderer was BORN in the US).  Please, just learn to love the person standing next to you.

If everyone actually did that – and stopped judging based on race, skin color, religion, sexual preference, or WHERE SOMEONE GOES TO THE BATHROOM, then there would be a lot less crazy in the world.