Oops, Sorry About That


I guess I haven’t updated in a while.  My day job has been nuts, and my business has been crazy busy.

So, I had my colonoscopy on the 10th and all was well.  No signs of colon cancer to speak of, and no bleeding or issues that would lead to the anemia.  My gastro has confirmed his diagnosis of iron deficient anemia.  I’m taking my iron (which I don’t think is doing anything but plugging me up..ahem) and eating a ton of red meat.  I’m tired, but honestly don’t know if it is from the anemia or the fact that I’m putting in 14 hour days.  Meh.  It could also be from the thyroid meds.  It is what it is.  And it will be what it will be.  🙂  They totally believe that the anemia is a result of both my gastric bypass (a big, common after effect) and the staggering amount of radiation and chemo I had.  I may be on iron for the rest of my life now.  Meh – there are worse things.  Like chemo, or insulin.  BTDT

My thyroid levels are fine and my meds have not changed.  I am reminded that just typing about my meds, that I need to call my endo and get my D2 refilled.  Oops.

Life is crazy busy.  Consent Order work is harrowing.  Oh well.  I’m never bored at work.  And the Jamberry business is booming.  We are gearing up for our big Black Friday event.  Stop on over to my BeaGJams blog to find out more.

This time of year always makes me remember where I was three years ago.  In the midst of radiation, and so sick.  I was sicker during radiation that I ever was during chemo.

In other news, I am nearly done Christmas shopping (woohoo).  I need to get a few more things for Bob’s stocking and then all done.  I also need to find a birthday gift for my mother.  That won’t be as easy.  Shopping for her never is.

Hope you are all gearing up to have a lovely holiday season.  Many of you are in my thoughts and prayers.   ❤


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