6 Month Check

Yesterday was my six month check with my gynecological oncologist.   He isn’t concerned about the anemia either.  He says everything looks great (I had a pain in my groin, but it is gone now).

Then he decided to be funny and told me I had to see him until the Eagles win a Superbowl.  Funny guy.  Hahas.  Hysterical.

So, all is well in remission land.  Amen to that.


Quick Anemia Update

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but my Gastrointerological Oncologist is among those who believe that my anemia is related to my Gastric Bypass Surgery.  Because my surgery bypasses the part of the intestines where iron is absorbed, patients like me tend to be anemic.  Here’s an article that explains it:  http://www.hindawi.com/journals/bmri/2013/205467/.

As long as he isn’t concerned that there is a recurrence of cancer, I’m good with it.

His prescription:  take the iron supplements with vitamin C and eat LOTS of red meat.

Well, you don’t have to tell this carnivore to eat read meat more than once.

Done and done.


Lost in Thoughts

I’m coming to discover that this time of year gives me heavy anxiety.  I think it has to do with the fact that this was when I was going through chemo (three years ago – wow), learning to deal with the diagnosis, etc.  Something about the change in the air, the days getting shorter, the changing of the leaves…who knows?  I hope it isn’t this way forever.

I am scheduled to see my gynecological oncologist next week.  We were on vacation in Dallas last week (amazing time!!) and while I was there, I noticed a pain in my groin I want him to check out.  I didn’t bother calling since I know I have an appointment next week.  For some reason, I’m quite zen about it.

So, we were visiting my brother-in-law and sister-in-law while on vacation.  My sister-in-law was recently diagnosed with Stage One Ovarian Cancer this year.  She’s still very angry about it.  She kept saying to me, “I am mad.  I don’t want a new normal, I want my old normal.”  Sigh.  It made me thing about the 5 stages, and if I went through them.  I don’t know that I ever did.  I think I went straight to acceptance.  Actually, thinking about it, it’s more I went in to, “Well, shit.  What do I need to do to not have this anymore?”  I have never been one to deal with the Why Me part of illness.  Takes too much of my energy worrying about why me.  I just hope my sister-in-law is able to find peace on her journey.  Do I think you can get back to your old “normal?”  Not after a cancer diagnosis.  It is always there.  It never goes away.  You can make your new normal better than your old one.

In a completely new note, I’ve been seeing a chiropractor.  I have arthritis in my ass.  LOL Technically, it is a frozen SI joint (where your tail bone and pelvis meet). Actually, I’ve had it for years.  I was seeing a Physical Therapist just prior to my cancer diagnosis (when we thought the SI joint was actually the cause of my hip pain) but quit when I got the cancer diagnosis.  It’s been really bothering me lately, so I decided to go see a chiropractor.  I’m definitely looser.  I am hoping it helps.

Exercise and diet going well.

Send some good vibes for the groin pain – hoping it’s just a small infection.