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So Ready for a Vacation

Even though we just had one.

We leave Friday afternoon to spend a week at our campsite in VA.  I am so looking forward to spending a week at the beach, doing nothing if I don’t want to.  I have a bajillion books piling up on my Kindle.  I have sun screen screaming my name.  And I will get to spend the week with my sweet Sophie and hopefully a weekend with my Keegan.

I had a scare yesterday – I noticed some blood when I went to the bathroom.  I remembered it was the day I had used my estrogen cream, and deducted that I scratched myself when I was applying, because there was no actual active bleeding.  But I did have a minor panic attack.

I’m also scheduled for my annual mammogram next month.

My nephew is finally going to get his genetic testing done.  I was able to send him a copy of my testing so they could narrow down the gene malformation.  Hopefully he is negative.  Fingers crossed anyway.

Other than that, and my Jamberry stuff there isn’t much going on.  Hope everyone is getting ready for the 4th, and enjoying their summer!

I Will Never Learn

So, my body hates cereal. I love it. Let’s recap – me = love; body = hate. So, what did I have for breakfast? Greek yogurt with a bit of Special K. UGH I just want to lay down and go to sleep.  But unfortunately, I have to work.  UUUUUGH.  Stupid gastric bypass (I asked for it).  Stupid permanent radiation effects (nope, didn’t ask for that).