One More Day

I am working from home today so I can do laundry and pack.  We leave at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow.

Last night I had to work late.  Bob got downtown at 4:50.  I texted him that I had a call until 5:30.  I guess he shut off the car and left the radio on.  By the time I came out our battery was dead.  We called Nationwide Roadside and they said they would be there in an hour.  In the meantime I walked up to Starbucks and ordered a coffee.  The Barista said if Roadside didn’t show, he could give me a jump.

Well, an hour and a half later we called back and they said no one was at the car.  Bull, Bob was at the car the entire time.  *fume*  They said we would have to call the insurance company back and open another request.  Uh, no.  I went back to Starbucks.  The Barista drove me back to my car, and gave us a jump.  Yup, Starbucks customer for life right here.

Nationwide not so much.

At any rate, all is well that ends well.

My sister-in-law was supposed to have her final chemo last week but her WBC was too low.  They rescheduled her for today.  Send some good juju her way!


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