So Saddened

Yesterday, I signed the paperwork to turn our home back over to the bank.  I severed my last physical tie to Maryland.  I will still travel to see my specialists, but I can no longer claim residence in Maryland now.


The day I severed my ties is a day that I will remember a city I called my home for 14 years burning in riots.

I am saddened by what is happening in Charm City.  I’m not surprised.  But I am saddened.

Those kids aren’t protesting Freddy Grey.  They are not protesting police brutality.  They are the same kids who throw things at people while waiting for the bus.  Who purse snatch women on the corners (I am not generalizing – I’ve seen it with my own eys).  Who yell slurs at the handicapped.  Who buy drugs at Lexington Market.

Freddy Gray’s  death gave them carte blanche to torch a city and take out their agressions.

I watched a neighborhood’s only store where elderly can get their medications and small groceries get torched, on live TV.  I saw a police car get set on fire.  I saw two men cut a fire hose so that it would impeed the firefighters’ attempts at dousing flames.  I watched as a geriatric facility was burned to the ground.  I watched on Saturday as my old office building had it’s doors busted in.

All of those events yesterday taking place less than 10 blocks from where I went every day to work for 13 years.

I have friends still living and working in the city.  I am supposed to attend a two day training event there next week.  I will not be attending.

This whole situation – it makes me sad.  This is not the way to protest.  This is how things lead to anarchy.

Baltimore tear

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