Surgery Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am scheduled for surgery to treat de Quervain’s.  I counted up – this will be my 5th surgery since May of 2008.  That’s five surgeries in just under 7 years (I count based on my grand daughter’s birthday – she was born just a week after my first knee surgery).  At this point, I’m all…”eh, more surgery…nbg.”  Because really?  I won’t have to come home using crutches after this one, or hold a pillow over my belly for a week, or have chemo and radiation.  In fact, I’m only planning on taking one day off of work.  I may take off Monday, depending on how I feel.

I watched my surgery on YouTube today.  I honestly just want to see the incision, and what type of dressing I will have post op.  In all three of the surgeries I watched, it was a thumb spica similar to what I have worn for six months, only a cast.  Looks like I will have to wear it for at least two weeks until my first post op appointment.  I will have to coordinate my next Jamicure to my splint.  LOL

I have books downloaded on my kindle for the weekend, which will be spent quietly recouperating.

Fingers crossed this will be my last surgery, well, ever.

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