Busy Times…Busy!

Ok – juggling surgical prep, a busy full time job, and even busier new business, and nerves about my upcoming oncologist appointment (which was rescheduled to THIS week from last week) has put me in the hugely busy category and has put the blog on the back burner.  Sorry.

This past week, I went to my surgical clearance appointment, followed by my lab testing.  I’m cleared for surgery on the 24th and I am so ready for it.  Every time I say, “This will be my last surgery” and shake my fist defiantly, something comes up where I must have another one.  I’m getting to be old hat at it now.  In fact, I’m only taking a day off of work for this one.  Hopefully my pain will be on the low side.  *hopefully*

I also had my Launch Party for my Jamberry business this past weekend.  I had seven lovely ladies show up, and I have had some orders online.  The online party will be open until the 28th.  Business is going well, as it should – because the wraps are made of awesome and win.  I mean, where else can you get 2 manicures and pedicures for less than a single mani in a salon, with NO chipping, NO drying time, and metallic cheetah?  Check out my website for yourself!

Yesterday I had to go to NYC for my full-time, health insurance job.  I hate going to NYC for work, but meh – has to be done.  People who get romantic notions about the Big Apple haven’t had to fight Grand Central and the subway at 5pm on a work day.

My oncologist appointment got moved to this week.  Still nervously waiting for it.  Sigh.

So, other than work, more work, surgery, and the like, I’m also getting ready for class to start next month.  And our vacation, which just happens to coincide with my class starting (kill me now).  And planning another vacation this fall to TX.

I need a nap.


A long, lovely, luxurious nap.


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