Thyroid Effects

I used to think the hardest thing I had to deal with was the co-morbidities I suffered from being super-morbidly obese.  I was an out of control diabetic, had CAD, I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and PCOS.  So, I had gastric bypass.  My co-morbidities were resolved.

Then, I had post obesity joint issues.  You would have thought I had that issue when I was fat, but it was worsened by the excessive weight loss I had.  So, I had surgery – three of them.

Then, I ended up with cancer.  I had a hysterectomy, chemo, radiation, and more chemo.  And put that behind me.

And then, graves disease.  I mean, really…c’mon.  Comedy. Of. Errors.

So, about 10 years ago, I had lasix.  I was seriously near-sighted.  They told me at the time that lasix couldn’t correct my vision completely, but for 10 years, I was blissfully glasses-free.  Until September of this past year.  I thought my vision issues had to do with the fact that combined with aging and the fact that lasix couldn’t correct my vision completely, it was just time.  So I got glasses.  I wear them for reading, and driving.  The next month, I found about the Graves, and had my thyroid ablated.

Well, I’ve noticed since my ablation, that my eyes were getting worse.  A couple of months ago, I finally put two and two together – thyroid issues cause eye problems.  So, I called my eye doctor back, and went to see him today.

Good news, there is no damage to my eyes.  However, the thyroid issues caused the muscles that allow my eyes to focus to deteriorate.  This means, that it is harder for me to focus.  My glasses are standard bifocals – meaning there is a clear line.  I have no mid-vision.  I can’t focus, which is causing eye strain.  It has also caused my eyes to worsen a bit.

So, after just six months, I need new glasses.  I will be getting the progressive lenses this time.  A shame – I adore my glasses now – the frames are so cute.  My new frames are too.  And thank goodness for insurance – the new glasses before insurance were nearly $1000.  The insurance knocked them down to $300.  Much easier to swallow that number.

Hopefully now, I’m at the end of the stupid medical roller coaster.  Because seriously?  Done.


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