Busier Than A One Legged-Man in an Ass Kicking Contest

Sorry, been a bit absent, but I am working on a couple of HUGE projects at work, plus getting my Jamberry Business up and running, and I haven’t had time to wipe my nose much less think of a blog post.

So, I’m having MORE surgery.


Because my life goes like that.

The De Quervains in my wrist is to the point where it is no longer treatable with splints and therapy.  I’m not allowed to take cortisone.  No NSAIDS because of my gastric bypass.

So, I’m scheduled for surgery on 4/24.

Good news – no restrictions post surgery.

Better news – easy for the insurance company to approve.

Bad news?  I’ll be awake.


Good drugs are what I’m hoping for.

Jamberry business is awesome.  Loving the work, loving the product, loving meeting new people and getting out of the house.  I have booked two events this spring – one is a two-day garden party event, and the other is a Blues Festival where I’ll have vendor booths at both.  So excited!

My other job (the full-time one that pays my health insurance and what not) is cray cray right now – big projects going on, and I had to travel yesterday to NYC for the day.  My poor little piggie toes are still pissed at me – I go blisters to the point where it actually tore my nylons.  Ouchie.

Everything else is status quo.  So, what’s new by you my lovelies?

Oh – send your remission prayers up – I have my two-year check on April 6 (I’ve been NED for over two years, but this will mark two years since I finished my last cycle of chemo).  I am not expecting anything, but I’m hella nervous anyway.


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