Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

I’m still in a quest to find my new normal.  As part of that, and in the spirit of having a lot more visibility at work, in the past year, I’ve taken more time with my appearance – I’ve started to get my hair done again on a regular basis, started doing my make up every day, paying attention to how I look.  I want to put my best face forward, so to speak.

As a result of that, last fall, I was invited to a Jamberry party on Facebook.  I was curious, and I poked around the website, and liked what I saw, so I ordered some.

And I fell in love.

What is Jamberry you ask?

Jamberry is a new, fun way to do your nails. In a nut shell, Jamberry is a company that sells wraps made of vinyl & when heated, they stick to your nails. There are NO HARSH chemicals in Jamberry products. There are over 300 designs, so you could give yourself a muss free Pinterest Quality Manicure in the privacy of your own home!  And they are economical!  1 sheet of wraps gives you 2 manicures, 2 pedicures, and 4 wraps to use as accent nails.  For $15!  They are so easy to use, and stay on for weeks!

My cousin’s wife had another party right around Thanksgiving, and I ordered more.   I loved them.  I pick at nail polish like crazy.  I hate waiting for it to dry.  HATE IT.  So these wraps were perfect.  And they are so cute!

Fast forward to last month, when my consultant asked me to host a party.  For free product?  Heck yeah!  I invited all my girlfriends on Facebook, and was expecting a few orders.  The new Spring wraps were gorgeous.  I mean, just look at how cute these are!

To my surprise, I did as much selling of these wraps (which to me sell themselves) as my consultant did.  She sent me a text half way through the party and told me I should consider selling them.  My party netted over $500 in sales!  I got tons of fee stuff.

And I took the plunge.

I’m not an official Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant.

Ladies who follow – these wraps are great – seriously.  Just go to my website and take a look around.


There is no special equipment required – you can apply using a regular, household items!  And, we always have a buy 3 get one free special going on!  Quite a bargain!

So, come on!  Check it out!!

6 thoughts on “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

  1. Hi Sweetie!! Well, they have kept me from biting mine, and have helped them get nice and strong (thank you very much no thyroid). They really help protect my nails, and since I’ve been wearing them, I’ve had no splits, no breaking, no cracking, and they are staying nice and hydrated.

    We also have a great cuticle oil that helps a lot too, and is pretty well priced. Our hand cream is infused with biotin which helps a lot, and we have the Beauty Boost vitamins that not only help your nails, but also your hair and skin.

    I swear by the cuticle oil. It is amazeballs!!

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