Oh Hai

I’m here – not much to write about, and busy with work, and stir-effing-crazy from being stuck in the house so much.

We had an ice storm Sunday night into Monday morning, so I worked from home yesterday.  This afternoon, we are expecting another ice storm.  EFF ME.  I’m working from home again today because it is supposed to start about 2pm or so.  I didn’t want to get stuck downtown.  Tomorrow is supposed to rain all day.  Thursday we are expecting the biggest snow of the season.  Six to nine inches.  I had a follow-up appointment this week with my endocrinologist regarding my thyroid.  It was originally scheduled on Monday, but because of the ice storm got moved to Thursday.  Now it has been moved from Thursday to next Tuesday.  If it snows next Monday, I may scream.

Eating as been going well.  I know my thyroid is still out of whack because my weight is going nowhere.  If it were ok, I’d be losing weight just based on what I’m eating.  Yesterday I could have kicked myself.  I got up, took my thyroid meds, and went downstairs to pack my husband’s lunch and fix myself some coffee.  Now, when you take synthroid, you can’t have any food for one hour after taking the pill, or it won’t adhere in your system.  Well, not thinking, I popped a strawberry in my mouth while packing my husband’s lunch.


So, today i had to double up on the synthroid.  I really could have kicked myself because I really am super careful about that kind of thing.  My brain yesterday was just on auto pilot.  Sigh.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but my sister-in-law is going through treatments right now for ovarian cancer.  She’s having the same chemo treatments I had – Taxil and Carboplatin, but her dosage is a smaller amount.  She had a family history of colon and breast cancer, so she did genetic testing and found she tested positive for BRAC (different than my lynch syndrome which is a genetic mutation).  She went in for a pre-emptive double mastectomy and hysterectomy, and her pathology report came back showing very early stage 1 ovarian cancer.  She does not have to have radiation (and good for her – because radiation SUCKS ASS) and has been handling her treatments pretty well.  I’m thankful I can provide her with some useful advice, though we all handle chemo differently.  I am sad that I can’t be closer to her while she’s going through this, but have been texting her just to check on her.  Next week, she’ll be half way through, and I want to go this weekend and get her a care package to celebrate.  Ginger tea, lemon drops, puzzle books, stuff like that.

I go in next month for the last of my 3 month checks.  After next month, provided I have the all clear, I will go to checks every six months.  I hope that my sister-in-law is in this same place in two years.

Just say a little prayer for her, mkay?

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