Twenty Four is an interesting number.

There are 24 hours in a day.

It is divisible by both 6 and 8.

It is an even two dozen.

It is also the number of months I have been in remission as of today.

With my cancer, they do not consider you in remission until the anniversary of your last treatment.  In my case, my final chemo cycle occurred on February 18th, 2013.

In some ways, the 2 years have flown by and in others, it has totally dragged.  I’m now two years closer to being considered not just “in remission” but “cancer free.”  While, in fact, I have no cancer in me [knock wood], I’m only in remission, with what is called NED – no evidence of disease.  I don’t get to officially be cancer free until February 18th, 2018.  Five years out.

That seems like forever from now – and just around the corner all at the same time.

Every day is a day closer to being “cured.”

My cancer is never far from my mind.  It’s always there.  Ever vigilant screening.  Always monitoring potential symptoms.  Always. Right. Here.  It always will be.  I will always be a cancer patient.  Hopefully one who lives without cancer.

To celebrate my remission, I enrolled in class to begin this summer to finally get my certificate in Project Management.  I haven’t completed a class since my diagnosis.  I always dropped it.  Some excuse always came up.  In reality, it was fear of the unknown, that stemmed directly to my diagnosis.  So, today, no more excuses.  I’m registered for this summer, and will finish (hopefully) by the time I hit my five-year mark.

It’s time to move on.


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