Swamp Gas

So, until my husband met me, he didn’t think women actually farted.  Don’t ask me how he got to be in his 40s without hearing a chick fart, but he did.

And, if there are dudes out there who still don’t think women get gas, I am sorry to ruin your ideal image.

I can crack them with the best of them.

And, now that I have had both gastric bypass but also radiation on my guts, well, they are rancid.

Swamp gas rancid.

Gag enducing.

The past couple of days, my stomach has acted up.  Probably from the carbs I ate.  I made bread this weekend and had ONE PIECE.  Just one.  One thin lively piece of yeasty goodness.

And now I remember why that was a bad idea.

For two days, my insides have been paying me back with a room clearing attack of gas that could be mistaken for biological warfare.

I even broke out the GASEX tonight.  And peppermint tea.

Pray for my husband tonight.

I may blow him across the street accidentally.




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