Cardiologists and Endocrinologists and Oncologists, Oh My!

I took a Staycation this week because I worked over Christmas, and have been catching up on doctor appointments.

Tuesday, I had my semi-annual follow up with my cardiologist.  It has now been 11 and a half years since my heart attack.  My heart is sounding great, and the cardiologist says there is no longer any evidence of the heart disease I once suffered.  Thank you gastric bypass!!  But my cardiologist told me that I need not be suffering from the joint pain, muscle pain and fatigue from my (now) hypothyroid.  He told me to call the endocrinologist and speak to him.

This morning I had my three month follow up with my gynecological oncologist.  Aside from the freezing exam room and tear I got from my physical exam, everything looks great.  No evidence of disease 29 months and counting.  Officially 23 months in remission.  After April, my visits will go to once every six months until I hit my five year mark, and then once a year for the rest of my life.  My oncologist also told me to call the endocrinologist.

So this afternoon, I saw my endo.  He tells me it has only been five weeks on the synthroid, and it usually takes six, but he drew blood, and I call in Tuesday to see if my hormones need to be upped.  I go back in March.  I hope to get this sorted out soon.

So, a week full of doctor appointments.  I have been clean eating for 8 days now, and it is going well.  Weight hasn’t moved (thank you thyroid, and screw you) but I haven’t gained either. 

So, that’s that.


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