Overnight Oats


Last night I decided to try my hand at some overnight oats to have after church this morning. I omitted the milk (I will be getting coconut milk today) but did use greek yogurt, so I saved them for after church so they would be 4 hours after my synthyroid.

I used half a cup of rolled oats, 6oz of plain greek yogurt, a bit of water (maybe a quarter cup), 1 tbsp of chia, seeds, a spoonful of homemade applesauce for sweet, a splash of vanilla, and a handfull of fresh blackberries.  I stirred that together, and layered it in the mason jar with some freshly sliced strawberries.  Then I let it sit in the fridge overnight.


It is yummy!  Kind of like pudding for brunch!  It is really filling too, but just right for an RNY’er.  Plus the oats help with the constipation that the thyroid meds can cause.


Definitely recommend!  So many recipes on Pinterest for this, so I winged it!


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