Gearing Up for the Holidays

Ugh – I’m exhausted and pushing myself to get up and go each day.  The thyroid meds are going to take a while to work out.

So, no baby yet.  Sarah is hanging in, and we have less than a week until Christmas Eve.  Last time I spoke to her, there was no movement on the baby front.  She is scheduled for induction on December 28th, so we shall see.

We are still hosting Christmas Eve dinner at our house.  This weekend I will be making Sweet Potato biscuits and sausage cheese biscuits.  I also need to take out the ham so that it thaws in time.  I am doing mostly fingers foods for Christmas Eve – stuff that is easy to pick up and eat on the go and put on a buffet line.  That way people can come and go as they want and we don’t have to wait to have a sit down meal.

I still have to wrap, and clean.  Fun stuff.

I’m taking a staycation the first week and a half of the new year.  I need to.  I just need to relax and regroup.  We are going to see a movie (maybe two).  I want to see Unbroken (I just picked up the book) and I want to see the new Night at the Museum movie, although with Robin Williams in it, I am sure I’ll cry through the entire thing.  I also want to get down there and pick up that new baby for some snuggles.

So, yeah.  Crazy everywhere post is crazy everywhere.

Happy Holidays folks!


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