I saw my endocrinologist on Monday.  Turns out the blood work I had done the week prior didn’t include my thyroid numbers, so I had to have MORE blood work at his office on Monday.

He did say that I was starting to exhibit signs of low thyroid – puffiness around my eyes, some fluid retention, my cholesterol numbers were up (but I didn’t think they were awful), and my blood pressure was coming down.  He said he could feel just a little bit of my thyroid left, and I hadn’t lost any weight at all since my last visit.  My vit D was really really low and as a result, I have rickets.  He said if the tests came back confirming the Hypothyroid, I was going on synthyroid.

Well, the results came in yesterday, and I am low.  So, I picked up the meds last night, and started them this morning.

Thyroid meds have a really specific plan of action to get them to work.

I have to take them when I get up for the day.  I can’t take them, and then go back to bed.  Up and moving, take my meds.

I can’t take them with the vitamins I am still on (D2 and B12).  I can’t eat anything for one hour after taking them.  I can’t have any juice or milk at all (I don’t partake in either since he told me that diabetics should never have either – not even ones who re in remission).  I can have black coffee, black tea or water in the hour between.  I have to take my other meds in the am with the synthyroid.  So, yeah.  Also, they stay in your system 8 days.  If I miss a dose in the am, I have to wait until the next day and then double my dose.  I confirmed that because of my plumbing, they would in fact, stay in my system, and they will.  So, good on that.  I have noticed today that the water retention is leaving my system – lots of running to the bathroom.

I need to remain on my very strict diet so I don’t put weight back on and I am allowed to work on losing the last 15 to 20 pounds.  Also, still no exercise because of the Vit D deficiency.

And, it will take about 12 months for the meds to adjust correctly.  I may also have to adjust my dosage throughout my lifetime.

This whole finding normal thing?  It’s taking way longer than I thought.  Guess I am a work in progress.  But that is not a bad thing…at least I seem to be progressing.  🙂


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