Peanut is here.  But we are going to call her Sophie.



Michael Sophia made her entrance at 10pm on 12/24/14.  7lbs, 1oz, 20.75″ long.  She was just two hours short of sharing her birthday with her great – grandmother (my mother).  And stunningly beautiful!  She and my niece are both healthy and happy, and I am over the moon with having a little girl!  Don’t get me wrong, a boy would have been nice too, but we have one of those already, and I wanted to shop for something PINK!

We spent Christmas Eve with my other niece and her little boy, who is 4 and knows exactly what Santa is all about.  I finally had to call the Norad Hotline to speak to an Elf (thank you Julie, who ever you are!!) at 8:30 to calm him down and convince him to go home and get in his jammies and ready for bed.  His eyes were huge while we were on the phone with them, and she told Keegan that Santa would be arriving in the area in half an hour, so he better be in bed!  He was so cute.  “Santa” made a stop at our house over the weekend to drop off a load of gifts and Keegan opened them with gusto.  Santa also brought a copy of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” which we read together before he left.

I now have a healthy happy grand-niece and grand-nephew here in DE (and scads of them in Colorado!).  What a great holiday!




Sweet potato biscuits.  A little love passed on from my grandma for the holidays.

Gearing Up for the Holidays

Ugh – I’m exhausted and pushing myself to get up and go each day.  The thyroid meds are going to take a while to work out.

So, no baby yet.  Sarah is hanging in, and we have less than a week until Christmas Eve.  Last time I spoke to her, there was no movement on the baby front.  She is scheduled for induction on December 28th, so we shall see.

We are still hosting Christmas Eve dinner at our house.  This weekend I will be making Sweet Potato biscuits and sausage cheese biscuits.  I also need to take out the ham so that it thaws in time.  I am doing mostly fingers foods for Christmas Eve – stuff that is easy to pick up and eat on the go and put on a buffet line.  That way people can come and go as they want and we don’t have to wait to have a sit down meal.

I still have to wrap, and clean.  Fun stuff.

I’m taking a staycation the first week and a half of the new year.  I need to.  I just need to relax and regroup.  We are going to see a movie (maybe two).  I want to see Unbroken (I just picked up the book) and I want to see the new Night at the Museum movie, although with Robin Williams in it, I am sure I’ll cry through the entire thing.  I also want to get down there and pick up that new baby for some snuggles.

So, yeah.  Crazy everywhere post is crazy everywhere.

Happy Holidays folks!


I saw my endocrinologist on Monday.  Turns out the blood work I had done the week prior didn’t include my thyroid numbers, so I had to have MORE blood work at his office on Monday.

He did say that I was starting to exhibit signs of low thyroid – puffiness around my eyes, some fluid retention, my cholesterol numbers were up (but I didn’t think they were awful), and my blood pressure was coming down.  He said he could feel just a little bit of my thyroid left, and I hadn’t lost any weight at all since my last visit.  My vit D was really really low and as a result, I have rickets.  He said if the tests came back confirming the Hypothyroid, I was going on synthyroid.

Well, the results came in yesterday, and I am low.  So, I picked up the meds last night, and started them this morning.

Thyroid meds have a really specific plan of action to get them to work.

I have to take them when I get up for the day.  I can’t take them, and then go back to bed.  Up and moving, take my meds.

I can’t take them with the vitamins I am still on (D2 and B12).  I can’t eat anything for one hour after taking them.  I can’t have any juice or milk at all (I don’t partake in either since he told me that diabetics should never have either – not even ones who re in remission).  I can have black coffee, black tea or water in the hour between.  I have to take my other meds in the am with the synthyroid.  So, yeah.  Also, they stay in your system 8 days.  If I miss a dose in the am, I have to wait until the next day and then double my dose.  I confirmed that because of my plumbing, they would in fact, stay in my system, and they will.  So, good on that.  I have noticed today that the water retention is leaving my system – lots of running to the bathroom.

I need to remain on my very strict diet so I don’t put weight back on and I am allowed to work on losing the last 15 to 20 pounds.  Also, still no exercise because of the Vit D deficiency.

And, it will take about 12 months for the meds to adjust correctly.  I may also have to adjust my dosage throughout my lifetime.

This whole finding normal thing?  It’s taking way longer than I thought.  Guess I am a work in progress.  But that is not a bad thing…at least I seem to be progressing.  🙂