So, A Week Late

But this needs to be celebrated.

On November 11, 2009, I had RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery.  I weighed 330 pounds at my highest (when this picture was taken).


I had a number of comorbidities which included:
* CAD (Coronary Artery Disease)
* High Blood Pressure
* Insulin Dependent Diabetes
*  Sleep Apnea
*  High Cholesterol
*  Traumatic Arthritis

I had already had one heart attack and one knee surgery.

My five year surgiversary was last week.  Honestly had forgotten all about it until I looked at the calendar today.

Here I am now.  I weigh 170 (and once I get the thyroid straightened out will go for another 15 pounds).  All except the arthritis are gone.


I was off CPAP one month after sugery.  I came home from the hospital off of all other meds.  Now I take metformin as a result of the thyroid, protonix to supress the acid in my sectioned off stomach, and a drug to protect my kidneys.  No other meds.  Only vits I take are vit D and b12 (the others are bad for people with thyroid, and new studies show they aren’t beneficial to bariatric patients, and extremely dangerous for cancer survivors).  My A1Cs went from over 13 to under 6.

Hard to believe it has been five years.  In fact, I nearly forgot.  🙂


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