A Season of Thanks

I hope all my American Friends, Family and Readers enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday and remember what’s most important.  I am thankful for another day above ground, my wonderful husband, my family and friends, my new niece or nephew on the way, and my oncologists who made yesterday a possibility for me!

We spent a “mostly” quiet day yesterday.  I got up and took advantage of the early “Black Friday” online specials, and got my Christmas shopping about 99% done.  Of course, this excludes two bottles of booze (for hubster and bro-in-law) and some stocking stuffers.  I did most of my shopping through the eBates website and not only got some awesome deals, but also ended up getting about $50 cash back on my purchases in the form of a check which will come in February.  If you haven’t heard of ebates, go check it out – seriously.  Especially if you are an online shopper.  No commitment, no pyramid scheme…just cashback on participating retailers.  I’ve been using it for a couple of years.

We went to my sister’s for dinner.  I made potato bread to take, as well as some collard greens, a sugar free sweet potato cheesecake with sugar free whipped cream, and took a thing of frozen mac and cheese.  Good thing I took the greens, because other than the turkey, I was pretty limited in what I could eat on the table.

I’m working today, albeit from home.  My hubs left this morning for his annual hunting trip, and will be back next Wednesday.  I’ll be working from home until he gets back.  I know most people get Black Friday off, but being as I work in banking, and people tend to storm big box stores on this post holiday shopping spree, I am working.  No worries…I’m sitting on my bed, watching Survivor, with a kitty and a dog (one kitty is in a ball in her kitty bed), and will soon be proof reading documents.  Fun stuff.  I do have to go to the grocery store later as we have no leftovers.  I also have to hit the post office this weekend for Christmas Card stamps.  Yup, they are addressed and ready to go.  Bring it holidays.

This weekend, my nephew is supposed to come spend the night with me.  He’s coming to bake Christmas cookies and spend the night so he can have chocolate chip pancakes Sunday morning.  I may take him to church with me, since it is the first Sunday of Advent.  We’ll see if he is awake in time.  I’m looking forward to spending time with my boy.

Oh, and niece is ready to go just about any time.  The doctors pretty much told her that if she goes into labor by herself at this point, they won’t try to stop it.  She’s nearly 36 weeks, and the baby is considered full term.  Can’t wait to meet this little one.  (And still secretly hoping for a girl child – but will love whatever the vending machine pops out!).

So, that’s what’s happening around here.  Let’s bring on the holidays folks.  Bring. It.


Moving Right Along

I seriously can’t keep up with posts.  I think, “Oh…I should blog about this…” and then my brain goes blank.

So, last Wednesday, I rode down to my niece and her hubby’s house to spend the night because bright and early on Thursday morning, I got to go with them to see PEANUT!!!  YAYAY!  It was her last ultrasound before Peanut will make his/her arrival.

Oh my goodness.

Peanut can’t be called Peanut ANYMORE.  More like Chunk…or Linebacker…or Holy Moly!  Estimated weight is 6.1 pounds.  Already.  That was last week.  My niece, needless to say, looked a wee bit worried.  I was laughing.  The baby’s daddy weighed in at over 10 when he was born, and my niece was three weeks early (confirmed by the fact that her fingerprints hadn’t yet developed fully) and weighed in at 8 pounds 6 oz.  Did she really think she was going to have a tiny baby?

The pictures were awesome.  The baby is already a genius…practicing breathing like a champ.  Also, head is way down, and booty is way up.  Not much room left for Peanut.  Peanut’s little face was all smushed up against Sarah in the 3D pics, but that baby has my niece’s nose, no question.  Cute little up-turned nose.  And her lips.  Little rosebud lips.  Oh my heart.  My niece thinks Peanut looks like her husband.  I think it’s too early to tell.  All I saw were cheeks.  SUCH CUTE CHEEKS.

The doctor came in and spoke with us and told us at the baby’s growth rate, she can expect a baby over 9 pounds.  My niece got a very worried look, and said, “So, you’ll take me early?”  Doc said, (and yay for this doctor for saying so), “No, I don’t do that.  Women go into labor for a reason.  It means the baby is ready.  The only time I’d take you sooner is if you have a medical reason.  Here, there is none.”  Blood pressure is amazing, glucose is spot on.  My niece isn’t even swelling in her ankles.  She doesn’t pregnancy pretty darned good.

So, we haven’t moved her due date – she’s still due on 12/30.  They originally said they weren’t going to let her go past the 30th, but now, they have changed their minds.  She will go when she goes.  I have also opted not to be in the delivery room.  I think it’s too many people and don’t want to stress them out.  So, I will stay home until Peanut arrives.

And yes, I did try to peek and see if it was a boy or a girl, but at this stage, there is no way to tell.  Peanut was all curled up because he/she is out of room.

I can not wait to meet that baby.  Can. Not. Wait.

So, A Week Late

But this needs to be celebrated.

On November 11, 2009, I had RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery.  I weighed 330 pounds at my highest (when this picture was taken).


I had a number of comorbidities which included:
* CAD (Coronary Artery Disease)
* High Blood Pressure
* Insulin Dependent Diabetes
*  Sleep Apnea
*  High Cholesterol
*  Traumatic Arthritis

I had already had one heart attack and one knee surgery.

My five year surgiversary was last week.  Honestly had forgotten all about it until I looked at the calendar today.

Here I am now.  I weigh 170 (and once I get the thyroid straightened out will go for another 15 pounds).  All except the arthritis are gone.


I was off CPAP one month after sugery.  I came home from the hospital off of all other meds.  Now I take metformin as a result of the thyroid, protonix to supress the acid in my sectioned off stomach, and a drug to protect my kidneys.  No other meds.  Only vits I take are vit D and b12 (the others are bad for people with thyroid, and new studies show they aren’t beneficial to bariatric patients, and extremely dangerous for cancer survivors).  My A1Cs went from over 13 to under 6.

Hard to believe it has been five years.  In fact, I nearly forgot.  🙂


I have been released by my radiation oncologist.  He said he doesn’t need to see me anymore!!  *happydancing*

Thank a veteran today.  This one is my favorite…my Dad.  He served in the Korean War.  This was taken in 1973.  He died in 1974 from colon cancer.  Never got to thank him personally.  Never forgotten, always in my heart.