Graves Update

I saw my endocrinologist on Monday, and he had the blood test back confirming the Graves.   I am scheduled to go in next Tuesday for a Radioactive Iodine Ablation, which will, in a sense, destroy my thyroid.

I will be slightly isolated for at least 3 to 5 days, which isn’t a big deal.  I’ll just work from home during that time.  I will probably end up with a sore throat, and some nausea, but they will be short-lived.  I have zofran left over from chemo, so that will help.

In prep for the eventual Hypothyroidism, my doctor is placing me on a strict no sugar of any kind diet.  This means no milk, cream, regular sugar.  No starches like potatoes (sweet potatoes are ok), break, rice, pasta etc.  No artificial sweeteners of any kind (including stevia) because they contain dextrose, which is sugar.  So basically, I’m going on a low carb diet.  Plus, nothing between meals. Hypothyroidism can cause you to gain weight, which will mean all the work I’ve done losing over 150 pounds could change.  The only things I can have to drink are black coffee, unsweetened tea, water or club soda.  Now, most of those are ok, it’s mostly what I drink anyway.  But I’m getting used to black coffee.  Because I need my coffee.  The endocrinologist also stressed that although my diabetes is very well controlled since bypass surgery, the chemo threw it out of whack.  This will help keep it in line.  Problem is, it also means that I can risk very low blood sugars, so I have to watch out.

You know, this really seems small in the grand scheme of things.  This is one of those, “Well, if I can handle cancer, then I can handle this” kind of things.

I did ask they do the ablation next week, so I can host my niece’s baby shower this weekend.  I wouldn’t be able to go around her if I had it this week.  And I’ve worked too hard for that shower!!

So, life goes on.  Struggles come and go, and life goes on.

With Black Coffee.

3 thoughts on “Graves Update

  1. At least you know what it is now and can treat it effectively. As you said, after cancer this is no big deal. Plus you’ll be able to expose unused rolls of film for a few days. Not that has any real value but you might as well consider it a plus for the hell of it.

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