Holy Busy Batman!

Seriously, I need a weekend to not do ANYTHING at all. Sigh.

My niece finally came out of the preggo closet the week of the 11th. She’s 22 weeks. She sent me a picture of Peanut yesterday, waving at the ultrasound. All together now…AWWWW

I’m in love.

So, my sister and I are planning a shower for her. We were planning for November – before Sarah got too uncomfortable to enjoy herself, and before the weather hit the fan. We ended up deciding to have it an an Agricultural Museum in Dover, DE.  Their rates are cheapo, and it’s kind of cool there.  I called and asked about November.

Totally booked.

But they had an opening October 4th.  Holy Schmoly.  We’ll take it.  $100 for the room.  YAY  Except not yay, because now everything is in hyperdrive.  LOL

I ordered the invitations and was going to print them myself until my personal laptop (not my work one) crapped out this morning.  It is only a year old.  Sigh.  I will have to take them to Kinkos or the UPS store.  Sigh.  I’m trying to get the local bakery to call me back about a cake estimate but they won’t.  So I may have to go with the bakery who did call me with an estimate ($155!!!).  Annoyed.

And, I’m knitting gifts for the baby.  I have a pair of booties done.  I just finished a sweater last night.  I want to make a hat and booties to go with that.  Also, a baby blanket.  The blanket has priority of the booties and hat.  But I need to get to knitting on that blanket.  Yikes.

On top of that, we are going away this weekend for Labor Day as our last Beach Huzzah.  That craps out three days that I can just relax, because pool, parties, labor day brunch, and driving home.  Next week is a blur of work, next weekend I’m helping my bestie (and I am excited to see her), the weekend after that is shower planning…the weekend after that my birthday…and then we have to plan for our anniversary, and my husband’s birthday, and the shower in the middle of it all.

I need a nap just reading it all.

Plus, work is going to be hella busy the next couple of months.  Yay.

The month of September is full of doctor appointments.  September 8th, I have to go to Baltimore to see my gastrointerolocial oncologist (say that five times fast…it took me 10 minutes to spell it),  The 9th, I have to see the orthopaedist.  And get blood work.  The 11th, I see my primary care to talk about my thyroid and anemia.  The 21st, I see my regular oncologist.

Which reminds me, I really need to start using those damned dialators again.

So busy.

If you are in the good old US of A, please have a safe and happy Labor Day.

See you soon!


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