Sometimes You Just Wanna Bang Your Head Against A Wall

Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment with my primary care. No big deal – I go every few months to monitor my blood work and my blood sugars. Even though my diabetes is in remission, it still needs to be monitored.  Plus, I’ve been having shaking spells, and my wrist was wonky.

So, my bloodwork for my diabetes and cholesterol were great.  HGBA1C was under 6 despite the round I went with steriods; and my total cholesterol was 138.  LDL was within normal numbers and my HDL was over 60 something.  YAY!

However, I’m still anemic.  Have been since I had RNY.  I had always attributed it to my B12 or iron, except when I had cancer.  My doctor yesterday said my anemia was not related to iron levels (which were fine); nor were they related to B12 (also fine).  *worry*  Now, I just had a scan in May and was “all clear” so…

The doctor also indicated that my TSH numbers (your thyroid hormones) were on the high side.  Actually, the way high side.

Now, this doesn’t surprise me.  Symptoms of hyperthyroid runs in my family.  My oldest sister, before she had ovarian cancer, had Graves Disease.  My older sister had part of her thyroid removed a couple of years ago.  I have many of the symptoms of Graves, including muscle weakness, and a high pulse rate.

So, he’s sending me for testing next month.  Yay.  I swear sometimes I just can’t win for losing.  The good news is that the anemia could be related to the thyroid issue.  So, there’s that.


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