All Clear

My mammogram results came back and everything is good. No changes from last year. Giggitygiggity.

Work has been crazy, and will continue this way through the end of the summer. I’ve been slammed. This week in particular has been cray-cray. Can not wait to get to the Eastern Shore tomorrow. I need another day by the pool with a good book to relax and unwind.

So, one of my guilty pleasures (beside coffee and chocolate) is reality TV. And I will admit it, I like to watch the Breaking Amish shows on TLC. Probably because we are not far from Lancaster here. So (spoiler alert) one of the characters (who is not Amish) has stage 4 bone cancer. Still brings back way too many memories. I can’t handle watching that stuff. References to cancer and treatment for me on television are triggery for me. So I guess I won’t be watching that anymore.

Short post is short…my brain isn’t functioning enough to write this morning.


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