They Did the Mash…They Did the Booobie Mash

As part of my Lynch syndrome monitoring, (the genetic deviation that led to my cancer and family history), my oncologist requires an annual mammogram.  Now, women over the age of 40 should have annual mammograms anyway, but my oncologist actually reviews mine to ensure there are no nasties in there that may be Lynch related.  Now, Breast Cancer is NOT one of the cancers typically related to Lynch syndrome, and thankfully, no one in my family has had a diagnosis (other than like a 3rd cousin on my father’s side), I have an over-protective oncologist.  I’m ok with that.  Better safe than sorry, you know?

I had my appointment last night after work, around 6pm.  Which means that at least I got to wear deodorant to work (I had time to go home and wash it off before my test).  My co-workers should be pretty appreciative of that.  Seriously folks, women do not “glow”…they sweat.  Especially in July in the mid-atlantic when it’s 1,000 degrees in the shade and a million percent humidity.

Now, last year, I had my mammogram done at the Breast Center at the University of MD Medical Center, in Baltimore, which was no big deal because although we moved to DE, at the time I was still working in Balto, so I could walk over at lunch.  This year, I made the appointment here in DE, at the Women’s Imaging Center.  I made the appointment on Monday, and the actual appointment was two days later.  They asked if I could get my previous results, but I couldn’t do it in time, because, hello…Baltimore.  So they are requesting they be faxed.  I explained my diagnosis and reason for the mammogram, and told them my oncologist would be comparing the results himself, but they still insisted on getting copies.  They also asked me if I wanted to wait for my results, but I declined.  Oh, and they offered a 3D mammogram, but it’s not covered by insurance, so I declined.

Honestly, I’ve had two mammograms now, and while they aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world (there’s nothing like dangling by your boob from a cold X-ray plate) they are not that bad.  I mean, it wasn’t painful, just a little awkward.  Especially when my tech informed me that my nipple like to “turn away from the camera.”  Uh, hello…I have 40-year-old boobs who used to be filled with a lot more fat…you’re lucky you didn’t have to reach down to my knees to grab them.  But it wasn’t unpleasant.  Neither of my mammograms were.    Maybe it’s because I’ve had so many tests that were 1,000 times worse (internal exams, colonoscopies…anything requiring an IV, chemo…etc.).  This was a piece of cake.

So get out there ladies, and get those tatas checked.  It’s no biggie.  Unless, I guess, you have biggies.  But still…at least no one is shoving a finger in a spot that fingers were not meant to go, right?

2 thoughts on “They Did the Mash…They Did the Booobie Mash

  1. I’m SUPER jealous that they were going to give you the results straight away! One time, they didn’t give me a result and I pretty much freaked out (because I did have breast cancer). I’m glad that your mammo wasn’t too bad. Mine haven’t been either, but yes, they sure are awkward! 🙂

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