Still Clear

It just dawned on me that I didn’t post about my oncology visit. Honestly, I forgot all about being nervous because I had some other issues I was dealing with, and I was actually quite happy to get to go see him.  See below the cut for more posts about my lady bits.

So, the yeast infection that I got from taking the evil prednisone had me in misery.  I was actully happy to get to the gyno…at that point I would have seen any gyno.

Turns out, I did in fact have a horrible yeast infection.  In fact, I was so unbelievably sore, he couldn’t get the speculem in at all.  I literally screamed in pain.  Poor man.  He actually tried twice, and honestly, if my feet had not been in stirups, I may have kicked him in the head.  There’s already so much atrophy down there, and then kick in a yeast infection and wow.

At any rate, my oncologist told me that prednisone in people who have had the extent of radiation in the area I have tend to get monsterous yeast infections as a result, and he told me not to take it again.  Well, NOW you tell me. *itch*.

The yeast infection was so bad it took three rounds of diflucan to get rid of it, and I still have some discomfort down there.

UGH – I just want a NORMAL vajayjay!


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