I’m Going to Finish This

Way back before I had my bariatric surgery in 2009, I enrolled at the University of Maryland to work on my Masters in Management. (Mind you, I already have an MBA). It’s taken me forever to work on this because in the meantime, I’ve had knee surgeries and cancer. I’m about 7 classes away from finishing but in order to qualify for my degree, I’d have to finish by next September. There is no way that I will be able to take 7 classes in 13 months – I wouldn’t be able to pay for them ($2000 a pop), but also, there is no way physically I can do it. NOPE.

Every since I changed jobs and moved up here to Delaware (to clarify – same company, new job), I have been bouncing around the idea of getting my PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification. University of MD has a Project Management Certification program – 7 classes – no time limit. When I finish that class, I will automatically qualify for the PMP exam (as opposed to waiting until I had five years Project Management experience).

Today, I called my advisor to find out what I would have to do to switch from the masters program to the certification program. Turns out, all it took was an email to my advisor. All switched. I enrolled for the first class this September (Summer session started last month). I paid for the class (well, I made the first of 7 payments). I purchased my books. I processed my tuition reimbursement application (I have to take the class before reimbursement, but that would be a nice little payment right around Christmas for my next class which would start in February). And if I hang in there, I’ll be done by the Summer of 2016 (with the exception of the exam, which I have to take on my own).

It’s time to finish this.

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