Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

We got back from Colorado last Wednesday (the 28th) at about midnight. It was a long flight and I was exhausted, and then I took the last few days to recoup, return to my Weight Watchers Meeting, and relax.

Colorado was beautiful, as usual, although the weather was wacky, and due to flooding, we didn’t make it up to the mountains. We flew in on the 21st, and our plane was supposed to get in around 4:45pm. We actually got into Colorado early, but had to circle Colorado Springs because there was a tornado going through at Denver International. Eventually, we landed at 4:35, but had to sit on the tarmac for 30 minutes until a gate was available. We picked up our rental car and drove out to Commerce City, and I said to Bob that it looked like the snow from the prior week hadn’t melted. Turns out it was hail from the tornado piled up 3 inches deep.

We had a lovely vacation, despite the crazy weather. We didn’t make it up to the mountains like we had planned because the Poudre was flooded, but it was a nice trip nevertheless. Even better, I managed to lose 3 pounds on vacation, and am now 1 pound away from 40 pounds lost since January. I had gained back about 30 when I was having cancer treatments, so I’m 10 down from my lowest. Inching closer and closer to goal weight. Amen and Hallelujah.

I finally got the results of my CT exam last week. I have some spots on my lungs, but I had them back when I was originally diagnosed as well, and they haven’t changed. 90% of the population has spots on their lungs and most of the time they are benign, so my doctors aren’t concerned. Now I have my medical oncologist follow up in three weeks, and then in August I see Dr. Greenwald, my gastroenterologic oncologist to follow up on the Lynch Syndrome. At some point, I have to have my mammomgram as well. Never a dull moment.

So, that’s what’s going on. Back at work today and trying to get over vacation brain, but thought I’d jump on here for an update. Life is as normal as possible, and I’m good with that!


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