The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Waiting…waiting waiting waiting…sigh

The CT scan went well. They actually found a vein in my arm that wasn’t completely destroyed by Chemo and stuck me on th efirst shot. Hallelujah. The test took less time than finding a viable vein, but it’s done with. Now I wait. I called the raditional oncologist office this morning to let them know the test had been done. It wasn’t in their system yet. Hopefully I find out today or tomorrow if all is well. Fingers crossed.

Waiting…waiting waiting waiting…bah

We are nearly ready to go on vacation. I have just called all our reservations and confirmed them. Flight is confirmed. I have requested handicapped assistance due to my knee. The nice thing about flying from Wilmington is that we won’t have to pay for parking. The hard thing is that we are used to flying out at 8am, and now we don’t leave until 2, so it kind of shoots down the whole day. We get in at 4:45. We have decided to take only carry-ons so we won’t have to deal with baggage claim, and we’ll just go straight to pick up car and head to Aunt Linda’s. So excited.

Just hope the results of the CT scan don’t ruin the mood of the trip.

Waiting…waiting waiting waiting…hmph.


One thought on “The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

  1. I hope that you get good results soon! I’m glad they only had to stick you once. (I’m a “hard stick” and feel you on that one.) Have a fun trip!

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