So Many Things I’d Rather Be Doing

This Saturday, I’m scheduled for yet another CT Scan. I don’t mind the scan itself, but the whole process of the IV kind of sucks. And the whole, “OMG what if it shows something” is a bit nerve wrackig too.

So much to do lately, and I haven’t had time to get here for a post. Work has been busy, and on top of that, I’ve had two doctor appointments this week, plus PT three nights a week. Honestly, I’m so tired by the time I get home, I head right to bed. There’s so much I’d rather be doing this week in order to get ready for our trip next week, but I plug away at work because we like to eat, and have health insurance, etc.

I’m mentally preparing myself for the CT Scan. I’m sure I’ll get a call with the results when we are on our way to Colorado next Wednesday.

Speaking of Colorado, I’m so excited!!! Can’t wait to get away for a week, see family we haven’t seen in a while (I love my in-laws), and EAT. I can only have a few bites of things (thanks to the size of my pouch) but I’m going to enjoy what I do have. I’ve been dreaming about a big plate of carne asada, burritos smothered and topped, breakfast burritos with potato, egg and green chili, and we can’t forget the Rocky Mountain Oysters (yes, they’re nuts, but they taste like veal, I promise!)…mmmmm.

Count down is on!

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