Follow-Up to Yesterday’s Post

My radiation oncologist has a new PA (Physician’s Assistant). He has two, one is in the Baltimore Office, and one is in Bel Air, where I’m seeing him now. The new one is in Bel Air. I met her yesterday, and she seemed nice enough until she did my physical eval. She worked her way around my body, feeling lymph nodes, and when she got to my right armpit, she says out loud, “Well, that feels really bad.”

Um, ‘scuse me, what??

I mean, seriously, has she never had the talk about what NOT to say to a cancer patient?

So I freaked out. Naturally.

Had to wait 10 minutes until Dr. Sharma came in, and the she whispers to him (really loud whisper) “Check the nodes in her right arm – seems very a-typical.”

Dr. Sharma does his check, and he looks at her and say, “Everything is fine.”


I told him about the fatigue, and the swelling in my ankles. He isn’t overly concerned, but he did order a new CT since they are symptoms. He told me he’s not worried about them, because I have no gyno symptoms to speak of, and told me to call him when I had the test done.

Once his PA left the room, I told him what she had said, and told him maybe he should have the talk with her…the one about not freaking out people in remission. He apologized profusely.

So, I’m working on scheduling the CT. Then I see Dr. Rao (my medical oncologist) next month for my vaginal exam. I’m going to try to keep myself calm during the wait.

5 thoughts on “Follow-Up to Yesterday’s Post

    • I think they need to put themselves in our shoes. Like I’m not already 1000 types of nervous at every follow-up anyway that someone has to scare the pants off of me. It’s a shame.

      I hope all is well with you.

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