Everybody’s Got Something

Robin Roberts’ new book is out today, Everybody’s Got Something.  Robin has been an inspiration to me, even before her initial diagnosis of breast cancer.  I feel as if I can relate to her story somewhat.  I relate because Robin originally thought her “something” was her breast cancer diagnosis.  She fought it, and beat it, and felt she was done, and then two years ago was saddled with a diagnosis of MDS.  She realizes now that she was to become an advocate for bone marrow donation.

I guess I feel the same.  For years, I thought my obesity was my “something.”  It caused heart issues, cholesterol, diabetes, a host of things.  I fought my obesity, and had a gastric bypass.  I lost 130 pounds, put my diabetes in remission, my heart issues corrected themselves…I felt I had beaten it.  Then cancer.  But I beat that too, and it has given me a platform to advocate for gynecological cancer awareness.

I just purchased the book for my Kindle.  I’m looking forward to reading it.


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