Correlation Between Women’s Fathers and Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer

Here is the article.

A new study shows that there may be a correlation between the woman’s risk of Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer and their fathers’ age at birth.  Endometrial cancer (the cancer I have) is cancer of the lining of the uterus.

The study shows that compared to woman who were born to fathers between the age of 25 and 29, those born to fathers at the age of 20 and under showed a 35% higher rate of Ovarian Cancer.

Additionally, it was found that women who were born to fathers between the ages of 35 and 39 had a 25% higher risk of endometrial cancer.

The study did not determine a cause and effect relationship.

The reason I found this study interesting is because my father was 40 years old when I was born (two months short of 41) back in 1972.  Granted, I have tested positive for Lynch Syndrome, but we have yet to establish which side of my family I inhereted the syndrome from.  My father had colon cancer, but my maternal grandmother had Uterine cancer.  I’m curious now as to if my syndrome caused my cancer occurance, or if it was more related to my father’s age, or both.

Very interesting stuff.


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