Some Updates

Not all will be about the knee. 🙂

So, let’s get the knee out of the way first. I finished one week of PT – and my therapist is thrilled at how quickly I’m gaining strength. I can only bend to about 70%, but that’s 35 more than I started with. I can weight bear, don’t need my cane unless I’m outside where there is a fall danger. I’m going up steps (not down) one foot at a time. I’m going back to the office on Monday. I’m still taking some pain killers at night (mostly after therapy nights – it takes a lot out of me) but no pain during the day. I can get in the shower (yay!) and get in the pool at therapy by myself. She’s increasing my exercises next week.

Anxiety front – I have successfully weaned myself down to two pills a day. Next week, I’ll go down to one, and do that for one week. No anxiety attacks and no anxious feelings. YAY.

Cancer – there are no symptoms and I’m happy about that. Sadly, when my knee surgery ocurred, I stoped using both my dialator and my estrogen cream. My husband very delicately reminded me about a week ago that we had not had sexy time in over a year. I get a pass right now because of my knee, but I’m going to have to take that obstacle on. I miss being intimate with my husband. A lot. Thanks to the hysterectomy, I haven’t had much desire, in addition to the fact that my vagina is only two inches long now and there’s pain. I need to get back to using the dialators and the estrogen cream so that I can stretch things out a bit.

Work is crazy busy and I love it. Bob is thrilled with his new job. We are getting ready to go to Colorado next month for the family reunion. My father-in-law has been in the hospital this week – he hasn’t eaten in three weeks. My mother-in-law says he has some kind of blockage in his stomach that isn’t allowing him to digest food and he feels full all the time. My MIL won’t leave his side and has worn herself out. I have a feeling what might be causing the problem but I’m not going to say it. He is only getting in Ensure, and only little amounts of that. I’m worried about him.

House still hasn’t sold. Boo.

Weight Watchers has been awesome. it reminded my pouch about what its job was, and I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds. I’m a few pounds away from being under 200 again and I’m thrilled.

We have happy kitties and a happy dog. All in all, life is good.


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