Anxiously Cutting Back

Last year, when I finished chemo, I suddenly developed horrible anxiety problems. HORRIBLE. I held them in, and let them fester and grow until I had some seriously bad attacks. It affected my mood, and my every day life. I had hard time functioning. Everything, all the time, every minute of the day, was, “What if it comes back?”

My primary care took pity on me, and started me on a daily dose of Buspar. Now, the nice thing about Buspar is that it doesn’t have the withdraw symptoms that come with most anti-anxiety drugs. He started me on a dose of 10mg per day. It took a bit of the edge off, but slowly, over six months, I was upped to 10mg 3X a day. My anxiety has been well controlled for months now, and I don’t like being on a ton of drugs, so when I met with my new primary care last week I told him I wanted to wean myself off. He agreed. And so, this past week, I cut down to two pills a day. Next week, I will cut down to one. If that works, two weeks after that, I’ll only take them when I’m having an anxiety issue. the doctor wants me to cut back slowly to see if I can handle the lower doses.

Wish me luck! I’ve got one week down.


2 thoughts on “Anxiously Cutting Back

  1. Funny you mention this. Since my heart attack two weeks ago they said I’m now fine, better than before, but I’m having moderately severe anxiety issues in the mornings and evenings. Going to talk with the shrink about it on the next visit.

    Good luck on your taper. I bet you’ll do fine.

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