Had my 3 month follow-up yesterday with my oncologist. Can I just say that he is the best doctor in the Whole. Wide. World? Because he is. I totally recommend him to anyone who is having gynecological problems that my be cancer-y. Because Dr. Guatam Rao is the BEST.

I met with him yesterday at the NEW office which is an hour closer to us, in Bel Air, Maryland. I was immediately comforted because Dr. Rao’s new nurse is my OLD nurse from my old primary care physician. She literally came running when she saw me. I ❤ her big time. Jen is awesome and has this amazing way of making you feel comfortable and at home. LOVE!

The new facility is also where my radiation oncologist practices. Since they are both hyper-paranoid about cancer coming back, they both still see me. The office where Dr. Rao is practicing is absolutely beautiful. The exam rooms are gorgeous (hardwood floors!) and they are cozy and have TVs to watch while you wait – which was awesome, because my Dr. got stuck in traffic and was an hour late. 😦

Anyway, he came in, and he always makes you feel completely at home and relaxed. He asked me questions about how I was feeling, various fevers, emergency room trips (only for Strep in January) and my knee surgery. In fact, because my knee is still SCREWED up, he said he'd put off the interal exam for three months. Which is awesome because I had no idea how I was going to get my leg in the stirrups. Then he hugged me, asked how my husband was, and asked how I was feeling about how the Eagles were shaping up this year (even though he's a RAVENS fan – BAH!). He declared me "Still in Remission" and then sent me on my way.


In other news, I started PT last night. My new Physical Therapist was very interested in my surgery, she yelled at me because I have loose ligaments (I do, my feet turn in and I hyperextend every joint I have). She told me I need new shoes with arch support to support my knees. She made me walk without my crutches and told me I was slow (well, duh). She then started my plan – I'll be doing hydro-therapy exclusively – pool work. YAY! Then I'll get a room and have stim and ice for 20 minutes to break up the swelling. I'm supposed to do Quad Sets (1 set of 5 three times a day) on my own, as well as practicing breathing with my diaphram. She is going to focus not only on ROM (I measured a whopping 35 last night) and stregthening my core. She also wants to work on my right knee to keep it strong, to help stave off the knee replacements that are innevitably in my future. Which is fine with me because I am totally OVER surgery.

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