Is It Really Spring?

Saturday, I went out and got my hair done – three hours in the salon and I was exhausted but I got a cut and color. Love the color, and it’s perfect for Spring. It was gorgeous Saturday…69 degrees and beautiful out.

Before I got my haircut, I hit my Weight Watchers Meeting. I think this knee surgery has actually been good for my weightloss because I hit my 10% last week and lost 4.2 pounds. HOLY COW. That’s 10.4 pounds in two weeks. I have lost 23.8 pounds since I started back to Weight Watchers and I will take it. I’m not down to just about where I was before Chemo caused all my weight gain. And then my eating kept it on. Sigh.

After we finished up at the salon, Bob and I went to lunch at a this local brew pub. Bob was very disappointed because the only beer they had on tap was IPA and he hates IPAs. I just had an iced tea. We both ordered burgers, but since I hadn’t eaten anything since 6:30am, and by now it was 2pm, my blood sugar dropped like a stone and my hands were shaking so bad I couldn’t use my fork. I managed to get some of the burger in (no bun) but it was so greasy I couldn’t get it down. We ended up just heading home. bob was disappointed in his burger too. He ended up eating the rest of mine. I think three bites of burger (what I ate – no bun, and I did eat my pickle) was probably about 5 points worth of food. Sigh.

After we rested up, since the weather was still so gorgeous, we headed over to get the grocery shopping done. I got the stuff to make an Unstuffed Cabage roll Caserole that I got off of the Weight Watchers website. So easy, and so freaking good. There’s enough for dinner later this week.

Sadly, the weather took a change yesterday and the temperature dropped like a stone. It’s freezing today, and tomorrow we are supposed to get snow again. Seriously. Enough with fracking winter already. April is next week.

This is a busy week for me…tomorrow I have two doctor appointments, and since I still can’t drive, Mom is taking me. I have an appointment with my new primary care in the am, and then Mom has a dentist appointment, and then we head to HdG in the afternoon to see my ortho for my four week appointment. So hoping I can get out of the immobilizer soon! Thursday I have an oncologist appointment.

So, if you are having Spring weather, enjoy it, but for crying out loud, send some our way.

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