I Miss Sleep

Sleeping has eluded me since knee surgery. I am not one to sleep on my back. The immobilizer is heavy and uncomfortable, and when I move the wrong way my knee cap screams in discomfort.

Last night was particularly hard. I got maybe three hours of sleep. Sadly, I have a big meeting this morning that I must attend. Once that is done, I’m going to take the afternoon to catch up on some sleep. I need it.

I can not wait to get this immobilizer off.

In other news, for those who follow me, you know I’m a big fan of the Little Couple. This season follows their journey to adopt their little girl Zoey. In the process, Jen Arnold was diagnosed with a rare form of endometrial cancer called Choriocarcinoma. This cancer is the direct result of a failed pregnancy. Jen’s cancer was stage three, with mets in her lungs. She had a hysterectomy, and has undergone intensive chemo, and happily, now she is in remission. I have followed the Little Couple since their show aired on TLC, and when I heard of Jen’s diagnosis, it struck home. I love the show, and I admire the couple, and their mission to adopt, so I knew I was going to watch this season. Last night’s show was the show in which they announced Jen’s cancer diagnosis. I knew this one was going to be hard for me to watch. I just didn’t realize how hard. I cried watching Jen and her husband Bill deal with her chemo treatments. I sobbed as Jen decided to get a wig and the hairdresser shaved what was left of her hair. I knew this would strike home in a deep way for me. I have been in Jen’s shoes (minus dealing with two active toddlers). My husband has been in Bill’s shoes. We have gone through this – the fear, the grief, the mourning. I continue to keep Jen and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

Cancer sucks.

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