My Ass is Asleep

I am almost two weeks out of surgery, and I forgot how much sitting and sitting and sitting hurts the old hiney.

I get my staples and stitches out tomorrow, and see my surgeon for my two week post-op follow-up. I want to ask for pictures of the defects and the surgery so I can have them for my PT which will start eventually.

I started back to work today, but will be at home for the rest of the month. First of all, I need to wear dresses and skirts becuase of the immobilizer, and it’s too cold to go without pantyhose or tights just yet. My work slacks just won’t work with the immobilizer. Plus, I need to be able to get into the building while still on crutches. I’m in crutches for at least four to six more weeks, possibily more in case I have to be non-weight bearing longer.

I am trying to remember if the staples irritated me nearly as much after my last knee surgery. I know they didn’t really bother me after my hysterectomy (although getting them out sucked). This time around, I can feel them. I can feel them in my skin, and they pull and poke and get caught on the cotton bandage and it’s uncomfortable. Bob says I complained about the staples last time as well, but I just don’t remember it being this annoying.

I am feeling better though. My knee is uncomfortable, and I don’t know what it feels like to put weight on it yet. It still is hard to get comfortable, and by the end of the day, I can’t lift my leg myself. I need help. I know I’ll be more comfortable once the staples comes out, and the muscles heal a bit. I’m still stuck sleeping on my back and it is hell on me. I hate sleeping on my back. And the kitties think nothing of walking on my leg in the middle of the night – which is not so bad with 7 pound Mattie but OMG with 30 pound Toby.

I can honestly say that there is true relief on my part that the surgeon found no cancer. I mean, it was never on the table – I knew I had arthritis in the knee, but when you are a cancer patient, you just have this feeling of dread that any ache or pain is going to be the C-word.

Anyhoo – the staples will finally come out tomorrow, and then I plan on posting new pictures. You won’t believe the difference in the size of my calf even after two weeks. It’s downright scrawny. And I’ll be able to shave my leg tomorrow. YAY!

So much sitting.


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