One Week Post Op

I am getting through the days now on just Tylenol, but nights are hard. I had to remove all the gauze and stuff because it was causing a lot of discomfort against my staples and stitches. One more week and they come out.

I would kill for a decent shower. I am bathing and washing my hair in the bathroom sink. I am clean but I know a shower would feel awesome. And shaving my left leg would be a welcome gift, but not until the staples come out.

I was supposed to go back to work (from home) tomorrow but I am going to take off Thursday and Friday too. Just not ready to have something resting on my leg for 8 hours yet.

Good thing about being laid up right now is that my stress eating is limited to what I can reach. Nothing. Gotta rely on my mom and hubby to bring me food. Easy to stay on plan that way.

Speaking of, my honey is taking me to my Weight Watchers meeting Saturday. I will be glad to get back.

The furbutts have been sticking pretty close by. Toby is always with me. Mattie comes in when Toby lets her on the bed. Mia comes up in the morning and at night. Goofy dog. Toby has been my buddy though, making sure Momma is ok.


From what I understand about the damage in my knee, it was worse than what he first thought. I know he scoped it, cleaned it out, and did a lateral release of the knee cap. Not sure how many packs of graft he had to use…but he said there was a big lesion. I will see pics next week.

So, that is the one week update.


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