Is It Hot In Here?

Temperatures are up today…in the high 50s, but we are going to have a cold front pass through tonight which is going to send temperatures back in to the BRRR zone tonight. Have I mentioned that I am sick of winter? In fact, they are predicting snow showers on Wednesday. Well hu-freaking-ray. not only am I SICK OF SNOW but the last thing I want to do is navigate on crutches in snow. I don’t think we are supposed to get any significant accumulation this time though, soooo….fingers crossed it stays away.

Even though we are having a warm front, the past two days I am experiencing an increase in my own Personal Summers. The hot flashes have resurfaced in force since my stress test yesterday. I’m sure it is from the radioactive dye and then the medication they used to dilate my vascular system. But whatever it is, it sucks. I am working from home today, which is kind of plus, since I literally just had to take off my socks for some relief.

I can not wait to pass through this phase of menopause. Hot flashes SUCK.

I can not tell you the extent to which I have gone to relieve my hot flashes and night sweats…I have tried taking Vitamin E and a B-complex…didn’t work. I have tried every over the counter menopause relief you can think of (even though they contain soy, which is not good for people with estrogen based cancers)…didn’t work. I have been known to keep a fan on even when it’s negative degrees outside. I wear layers. My hubby wanted to put flannel sheets on the bed when winter started….they stayed on for two days before I told him I was cooking in my own sweat. I’ve even purchased a Chillow. I tried it last night. Don’t waste your money.

There is NO relief for hot flashes and night sweats. None.

Hopefully, one day, I won’t have to deal with them anymore. Until then, can someone please open a window?


One thought on “Is It Hot In Here?

  1. I have so many things I want to say!!! First I’m glad the temperature is up in your part of the country, here on the East Coast of Canada, things are a bit warmer, however we have got about 2.5 feet of snow in the past week. I’m not kidding, seriously 2 and a half feet of freaking snow. I haven’t seen this much snow in years.

    I had crutches one winter, it sucked pretty bad. So I will keep my fingers crossed that only get rain.

    I agree that hot flashes suck. I found them way worse while I was going through treatment, which also happened to be spring/summer which didn’t really help any. One of my oncologists (isn’t sad when you have to say ‘one of’) prescribed a low dose of an antidepressant for me immediately after my surgery because of the no HRT issue. The drug is called Teva-Venlafazine XR 37.5 MG. I take one in the morning and one before I go to bed. At first I was only taking one a day and she had told me that if it didn’t work to increase it to two a day. So for about 7 months I only took one a day, I was going through treatment and was having crazy hot flashes. After I was done treatment the hot flashes got better, but I was still having several a day. I decided to try taking two pills a day and low and behold I now only have a couple hot flashes a day. If your doctor will give it to you (if it doesn’t interfere with anything else you may be taking), I highly recommend it.

    The other thing I do, is take a cold pack to bed with me, although the hot flashes are less frequent, I feel like my body temperature runs a little bit higher than it used to. The cold pack helps me go to sleep, who knows at this point it might be more of a security blanket for me.

    I hope you have a good weekend!

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