The Count Down Begins

I got the call from the orthopaedist this morning, and my surgery is officially on 2/26. Just thinking back…I am averaging a surgery every year and a half now. Le Sigh.

At least this one will NOT be as bad as the hysterectomy…in the fact that its out-patient. What will suck? The fact that the pain is going to be so. much. worse. When I woke up from my hysterectomy, I was more in shock, and then the news was handed down to me about the cancer, so there was immediate grief, but there was also this wonderful thing called a morphine drip. When I woke up from the same knee surgery in 2011, there was nothing but “Oh HOLY HELL THIS HURTS WHERE ARE THE DRUGS???” and it didn’t go away for weeks. I have developed a lovely allergy to percoset now too – it works for the pain, but makes me itch all over…like I want to scratch my face off itching. I need to remind my doctor before I go under that I can’t take it (or any NSAIDS) anymore. Heck, if I could take NSAIDS, I could probably put my surgery off a while longer…LOL

I have a ton of pre-op stuff I’m going to need to do in the next two and a half weeks. I have my pre-op scheduled with my cardiologist already (although the secretary was really annoyed at having to move my appointment up). I will fax my paperwork over to my primary care next week so I can get that appointment. The part I’m really not looking forward to is the blood work. No good veins. Thank you chemo. Oh well. It is what it is. It’s also going to suck getting an IV in me on surgery day. Sigh.

So, in 19 days, I’ll once again be having surgery. Knee surgery is horrible. There is no way around it. It hurts, the recovery sucks, and there’s no guarantee this one is going to take. So, in the next few weeks, please keep your fingers crossed that the graft takes.

Because I’m kind of over this whole surgery thing.

2 thoughts on “The Count Down Begins

  1. Right there with you girl. Cant hide it. Cant bury it. Cant run from it. Gotta go through it. Ill be singing to the moon for you starkers in my backyard (praying…really…lol). You can do it! You got this! Get good drugs! Hugs

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