The Day After World Cancer Day

I didn’t miss it…I realized later last night that yesterday was World Cancer Day, but honestly, I’m kind of happy that my whole world doesn’t revolve around “Cancer” anymore. Don’t get me wrong…it’s still there, and sometimes still quite front and center, but it’s not my EVERYTHING now.

I did get around to finally showing my Mom my tattoo last night. She was less than thrilled, but hell, I’m 41 years old and there isn’t a heck of a lot she can do about it. Tattoos are much more mainstream now, and it isn’t like anyone can see it on a regular basis. Maybe this summer, but for now, I can cover it for business.

I was happy to see that Jen Arnold (from the Little Couple) posted that as of yesterday, she was in remission. I also saw on facebook the option to make my Facebook movie and did. It listed my top posts, and all of them had to do with me being in remission at some point in time. I’d like to think the last five years of my life were about much more than cancer. It threw in some pictures of my wedding, and a bunch of me and Bob together. I thought it was appropriate for the day.

Was hoping to hear today about my surgery date and making sure it was final, but I’m sure because of the ice storm we had today (please winter gotheeffawaynow) that the girl didn’t work on it. I’ll call on Friday to see what is what. I don’t want to push this too late and then have to deal with an immobilizer when we go on vacation in May.

So, my thoughts on World Cancer Day? Well, yeah, it would be great to find a cure. In some instances, I’m sure we can call some stages and strains of cancer as curable. I’d like to believe I’m “cured” although they won’t give me that title for a while. One day, I am hopeful enough to wish that all diseases could be cured. I do wish some of the “cures” didn’t have to be some harmful to the patients. I’m also smart enough to know that big ticket diseases will never truly have a “cure” because they are too much of a money making opportunity for research hospitals, big pharma, etc. A catch 22.

But, here’s to my friends and family who have fought and won (no matter what the outcome of the battle). As long as we still fight to manager our battles on our own terms (treatment, no treatment, alternative treatment) and hold our heads high, we are all winners. To all those who have bravely fought and have passed away, your memory will always be dear in our hearts.

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